a christmas cracker

My first Christmas as a stepmother has been ace. I am now living the rock and roll dream as part of an all girl punk band with 4 and 6. "Dog Child", a hard living band who break all the rules consists of yours truly on the drums, 6 on vocals and keyboards and 4 on the axe and vocals.

Already the creative juices have been flowing and our double A side will be ready in days. Containing two corker hits "Christmas Day" and "The Fish called Emily and Emma", I see fame and fortune ahead. Like all punk bands we can't play our instruments. Check out the lyrical flow below.

"Christmas Day"
all rights reserved Ladycracker\6\4

Yesterday was Christmas Day
And the girls got to play
with their brand new toys

Oh what fun was to be had
especially for H-- and little M--
Lucky they are such good girls

Christmas Day, Christmas Day
Oh how we love Christmas Day
Christmas Day please come back soon....

"The Fish Called Emily and Emma"
all rights reserved Ladycracker\6\4

Emily and Emma
We go them for Christmas
They are our pets

We love Emily and Emma
We love Emily and Emma
We love Emily and Emma

They are white and orange
The have a plant called Em
They have beautiful blue rocks

Rocking right?


Not only annoying but educational too

My love of google is very well documented but now I have discoved not only does it feed my passion for WACKY pictures, I can also feed a family nutritious Spam based meals! Never one to shirk my responsibilities as a cutting edge blogger, here are some fun Christmas meal ideas for you, gleaned from the ads on the spam page of gmail.

Vineyard Spam Salad - Combine grapes, spam, peapods and onions in large bowl(yummy!)
Spam Hashbrown Bake - Serves 8 (what an original idea!)
Ginger Spam Salad - Serves 1, refrigerate overnight (don't cry single person, spam will fill that hole!)
Savory Spam Crescents - Bake 12-15 minutes or until golden brown (!!!)
Spam Breakfast Burritos - Bake 5-10 minutes, serve with salsa (Spam for breafast, you have to hand it to their marketing people.)
Spam Primavera - Toss with linguini, serve immediately (Impress you Italian mother in law with this wonderfully cross cultural dish!)
Spam Fajitas - Serves 8, add extra salsa if desired (yes I think I will need that extra salsa.)
Spam Skillet Casserole - Broil until golden (Little known fact about me:the word broil makes my skin crawl.)

Don't say that the internet has taught you nothing.

I will be accepting all meal invitations that feature these amazing recipes.

*opens gmail hopefully*


Christmas Cheer

Christmas won't be complete without this album.

I have one copy to give to a lucky blogger. If you want it be the first to comment


Guess What?

It ended up like this....


A girl can't help it

I've been trying recently to keep MLI's and my relationship off the blog but I'm sure my loyal readers are just dying to hear what we have been up to lately.

Living together has been a far smoother journey then what I first envisaged. My messy tendencies seem to be stymied and MLI manages to get more than three things in the fridge when he does the shopping. The girls have been sweet little angels when they aren't being naughty little minxes and have reacted well to my growing role as a disciplinarian as well as a giver of love, cuddles, baths and story time.

In fact, the relationship I have with the girls has become so important to me. I miss them when they go to their mother's house, I look forward to hearing about 6's day at school and what 4 got up to at kinder. So things are really good with those two.

Everyday with MLI just gets better and better. I love waking up next to him, the smell and feel of his skin, our little jokes and the warm feeling of total love and acceptance that he provides for me. Everyday I'm made so aware of how amazing he is, the forthright manner in which he lives life, the lack of fear in planning a future with me and all the little things that we have together that make life a much sweeter thing.

That's all, I'm off to sleep on fluffy white clouds and cuddle puppies or something. Normality will resume tomorrow.


The madness must stop

I'm sure I'm not the only one who experienced a pretty terrible week just gone, but hell I'm paying for it this week.
To illustrate - my car stereo was stolen from my car while I had it at the mechanics getting serviced.

I'm the type of girl with little regard for venue and will not have any problems hassling a Hard House DJ about why he/she isn't playing The Pixies until they have to call security, I pass out etc.


So you can see the situation is getting pretty dire in my car. In fact the soundtrack of today's journey to work consisted of a little Australian ditty you might remember...

altogether now..

"Say goodbye, oh no don't!
Say goodbye, oh no don't!
Say goodbye, I want to see you every mornin', noon and ni-ight"

Please help me - what track would better to have on repeat in my head?