My resolutions for the new year

1. Quit smoking
2. Join Mensa
3. Save $5000

That's it - no more no less

Eternal Sunshine

Watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again last night - It would have to be my movie of the year and after reading the Village Voice this morning I see that a lot of people agree.

It is such a beautiful meditation on the nature of love, sadness, memories and many of the scenes were so close to the bone. I cried my eyes out watching it this time around.
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  • I saw this yesterday and thought " who would sell their spit" Apparently I'm intelligent y'know? Posted by Hello



    My Grandma and Aunty have been visiting over the Christmas period and last night we got down to some serious competitive scrabble. Lots of fun, I lost the first two games very badly - scrabble isn't my strong suit however get me into a game of balderdash and I can usually hold my own.
    Third game though was like Scrabble manna from heaven as I got three words in a row out easy and raised about 35 - 45 points each. Scored 199! Best ever for me!

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  • My winning scrabble game - notice "Peridot", "Ambient" and "Adage" - my favourite words from the game. They all came from nowhere and make up for the complete drubbing I got in the games before this one! Posted by Hello


    Rachel looking beautiful at lunch Posted by Hello

    Asian Tsunami Crisis

    Just donated $20.00 via the Red cross, It is not much but it makes me feel slightly less powerless to do anything got help these poor people.


    Back from Brissie and back at work.

    Below are a selection of photos taken over the five days - you would think that there are no women in my family but this is purely circumstantial.

    Roll on the new year I say! - stay tuned for best albums of 2004, best movies and best moments.

    Currently listening to Yo Yo Ma Cello Suites - just beautiful...

    Typical specimen - Brisbane airport, note the camel toe and goatee. Posted by Hello
    My little cousin Liam with my cousin guy. What a cutie! Posted by Hello
    Little Finn, My friends Jordan and Tenille's son in his incredibles outfit on the way to see the film ( he loved it) Posted by Hello
    AAAHHH.. My darling brother Posted by Hello


    Signing off for the Xmas break Remember.... Posted by Hello


    A conversation from last night's dinner (from memory possible not verbatim).
    Background: Lauren is leaving to take up an internship in Washington for nine weeks.....

    Barclay: So if the opportunity comes up will you give Dubya a blow job?
    Lauren: No way! It would be awful... possibly Clinton though..
    Barclay: You could be the next Monica Lewinsky
    Me: Are you sure you wouldn't? I mean he is the most powerful man in the world..
    Barclay: and you would the most powerful woman in the world when you had him by the balls.
    Lauren: That's true but can you imagine - he would get all the words muddled up.
    Me : yeah I know it would be like : "oh you Austrians"

    Go well Lauren - I will miss you....

    Me and Lauren at Brunetti's last night Posted by Hello
    Two of my favourite people Barclay and Lauren at Brunetti's last night Posted by Hello
    The work crew L - R Phillipa, Adam, Rachael, Tracy, Tania, Maryanne, and Mr John Wallis. Posted by Hello


    The most boring day at work ever

    It is so slow at here that I have not done anything today except post 4 packages. I think I will fall asleep soon.
    Sandie is sending me dope wars to keep myself amused - why why did I take my holidays in Ocotber???
    From when Trudi and I went to the beach - notice the use of Ikea bed slats to keep ridiculously large umbrella from flying away Posted by Hello



    Oh yes, you heard it here first. I have just scored the ultimate Big Day Out experience. Hanging out poolside with rock stars - so bloody excited!


    The Grandparentals arrive tonight!!!! ARGGGH!


    Camille O'Sullivan - gorgeous and my new favourite singer Posted by Hello

    What a weekend

    Big weekend.

    Firstly more ridiculous furniture assembled - glad that that is all finally over all though I must say that room looks rather glamorous now.

    Bee's party was great nice lunch on hot day to catch up with some old friends.
    Had work Christmas party on Saturday night - at the Mountian Goat brewery - heaps o fun and then on to control for typical dancefloor shenanigans care of Janesy, Amanda and Chris. Hung out there until about 2.30 - 3.00am and then H gave me a lift home.

    Last night was fab though, went to the Speigeltent and saw Camille O'Sullivan - she is bloody gorgeous a great singer and an entertaining storyteller. I loved her stage outfits and the choice of songs included Brecht, Nick Cave and Jaques Brel (her rendition of Amsterdam is mindblowing).

    Bee looking beautiful at her birthday party on Saturday Posted by Hello


    the sooner the year of the monkey is over the better

    Mr. Bungle Call It a Day
    Micah C. Harding reports:
    It's official, but it's not like you couldn't see it coming: Obscurity-fringe favorite Mr. Bungle has been put to rest. As reported by members of the group, the decision to disband originated from that close relative of creative differences-- bad chemistry. The members of Mr. Bungle, formed from a core group of high school friends, created a sparse catalog of recording across a nearly decade-long career, including 1991's self titled debut, 1995's Disco Volante, and their most recent release, 1999's California.

    Iconic experimentalist Mike Patton, frontman and founder of the outfit, spoke to Rolling Stone about the breakup. "I'm at a point now where I crave healthy musical environments, where there is a genuine exchange of ideas without repressed envy or resentment, and where people in the band want to be there regardless of what public accolades may come their way...Unfortunately, Mr. Bungle was not one of those places."

    Of course, one of the base characteristics of Mike Patton has always been his prolificness; other notable undertakings include Loveage, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Hemophiliac with John Zorn, solo releases such as Peeping Tom, and, most notably, Faith No More. Ipecac, his personal label, has plans to release new material from the relentless Orthrelm and the Locust. His interests have also strayed into other means of output such as providing the score to video games (the upcoming Bully) and acting in Steve Balderson's film Firecracker.

    Apparently, Patton's fame was, at heart, the cause of the personality conflicts. He further told RS, "We could have probably squeezed out a couple more records but the collective personality of this group became so dysfunctional...This band was poisoned by one person's petty jealousy and insecurity, and it led us to a slow, unnatural death. And I'm at peace with that, because I know I tried all I could."

    Olga Berg

    Trudi just bought me a beautiful new bag
    Oh I am so happy - visions of grey cashmere swaddled, huge sunglass wearing me swanning off a plan and laughing at the common man with their samsonite luggage and have cheered me up no end.

    Normally my visions include a vodka martini in there somewhere but not today.

    My bag is pink - If I had a photo I would display it with loving pride.
    I think I have just discovered retail therapy - if you knew me you would laugh

    ki number - just to have on hand

    Calculating your Nine Star Ki Number

    Take the four digits that form 1977 and add them together :-
    1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 24
    Next, add the two digits together :- 2 + 4 = 6
    Finally, subtract this number from eleven :- 11 - 6 = 5

    5 is the Nine Star Ki Number for 1977

    Natal Month Number is 6
    House is 6

    Number: 5
    Colour: Yellow

    Element: Earth

    Internal representation: Stomach, spleen, pancreas, lymphatic Physiognomy: Hands and abdomen

    Symbolised by: None Primary attribute: Catalyst Family member type: None Management skills: The Consolidator catalysing, leading, sorting, critiquing

    Occupations: Politician, leader of enterprises, military or police officer, pawnshop owner, second-hand dealer,

    Illnesses: Have to do with excesses, infectious diseases, diarrhoea, circulatory problems, tumours, fever, immune-related diseases, blood sugar imbalances, depression, delusions high blood pressure, heart disease, possibly gall bladder imbalances

    Development enhanced by: Contemplation, listening


    odds and ends

    Caught up with E while he was in town and had dinner - had a great night the Terminus hotel does these great 5 dollar steaks with mash potato(!) Mash Potato really excites me because I never ever cook it and my mum, bless her, didn't really make a great batch.

    The whole Christmads season thing stresses me out a bit because I never really get into it. In the past I have spent a number of Xmas days by myself without any self pity - just a book and bottle of wine - heaven.
    This year I'm going to be hanging with the family in Brisbane and my other side of the family arrive here a few days before that.

    This year will be a bit different as it was my first without the ex. Oh Well. Life Goes On.

    Work has got me under the pump as well at the moment - promo tours galore in the early part of the year and the music section is pumped as well with BDO artists touring

    So exciting - I get to meet Kid Koala (most exciting!) as my friend is touring plus VIP tix to the BDO. Perhaps my fantasy about meeting a successful author and living in Southern Spain with him is not as achievable as a so cal punk rocker??



    get on with it

    It has taken me along time to be able to write on this blog and I only want to say this about what I am going through.

    I have never really felt that everything I loved about life would be taken away from so quickly and I think that for all of the psychoanalysis I'm about to undergo and the bridges I need to cross, my current feelings are scored so deep across my heart and the big "loser" written on my head will leave a permanent scar.
    Maybe one day I will put down on paper what has happend but at the moment I can't here - perhaps I should devote a new bolg for each overwhelming emotion that I am experiencing.

    All I can do is get on with it and keep smiling. Platitudes will not help and neither will lies.


    The day has come for me to rejoin the human world

    My bed has finally arrived at IKEA, praise Benderbacker, the god of lumbar support.
    I can now stop living, as eloquently put by Nellie's friend Megan, like a teenage boy.
    This was said over dinner last night eaten with the aid of plastic cutlery.

    Our grandmother and aunty stated a glory box for us when we were very young with the items they won at Bingo games etc. Nellie recently visited the much thought about, never opened glory box and it has been decided to ship it to us in Melbourne.

    The purpose of a glory box is to present the woman with it after engagement so she can set up a happy home. With the word engagement as much used in my vocabulary as "I'll just stay for one drink" I didn't think that I would ever see said box.

    Apparently it houses corn on the cob salt and pepper shakers - do you think I could pass them off as a ironic?
    But back to the plastic cutlery - like I'm even going to spend 1 cent on real knives and forks when I have a 125 peice set buring down the road towards me as I write this?

    Christmas parties christmas parties grumble grumble..

    RESFEST opening night tonight - I will be suitably casually arrogant and leave after one drink.....


    things that are pissing me right off

    I think it must be a Wednesday beacuse I'm being very irritable

    1. People who won't answer my emails
    2. the guy who keeps telling me about the problems in his last relationships - like I give a fuck I have my own shit going on.
    3. the fact that ikea will be getting ALOT more money out of me and still don't have my fucking couch