How perfect really

Your Boobies' Names Are: Love Muffins

Kid Koala, BDO, Closer and yours?

BDO yesterday was not as great as I had hoped - The lineup just wasn't really doing for me.
JSBX disappointed me again with the no hit set, shame about that. Polyphonic Spree were great, Beaties were great, Hives rocked, Slipknot were ok and that is about all I saw as I had access to beer and clean working toilets with toilet paper where I was thanks very much.

Kid Koala on Friday was lots of fun, Jester did this fab warm up set with a really eclectic track selection and a great sense of humour - I'm so happy that I got to meet Kid Koala he is really cool and easy to talk to.
Saw Closer as well which I really liked. Even horse mouth Julia Roberts was pretty watchable.

Best character was definitely Clive Owen's, Larry, a real brutal piece of work.

I wish today was over.... I need to go to bed....

Evan and Janesy - looks like they are having fun!

Some dudes I saw walking down Brunswick Street while having brekky on Saturday.

Lucious Luci from Kid Koala - purveyor of freaky synth number about apricots.

Jester - best warm up set - what is wrong with my head in this picture?

Ladycracker and Kid Koala backstage at the Prince 28th Jan. A lovely fellow

Lenka from Decoder Ring with everyone's fav chick


Phil from Grinspoon, Ladycracker and the cock

Grimwade, Wattsy and Cracker

Spencer and Wal

Wally and Friendy

the grimwade and cracker both looking suitably freakish

anthny and chris from Souls on Board

two awesome people looking awesome and having a ball in the VIP's

nice fella this one

It's been a long day


Coincidence no?

Right, I'm sure Knicker's lawyers will be on to me in seconds about this one - shutting down all portals of free speech for Ladycracker, however the following two headlines placed next each other on the the ABC Movie Email piqued my curiosity

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the
nominations for this year's Oscars.
- http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200501/s1289105.htm
News Online (26/01/2005)

New South Wales police say a listening device found outside Australian
actress Nicole Kidman's Sydney home has been taken for examination.
- http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200501/s1288195.htm
News Online (25/01/2005)

hmm, notice the dates - do you think one of Knickers old friends at the Academys tipped her off to her lack of success in the nominations this year and they thought - well we will keep Knickers on the front page anyway? and invent some rubbish about a bug being attached to house. I can just see some high heeled slick chick rooting around in the garden and tipping of cops, press etc etc.

Do I not have enough to do or something?

Check out these sexy lasses at the Melbourne BDO Ladycracker prefers to remian incognito at this stage

WHERE GOOD BRAS GO TO DIE - Scary warehouse sale from Friday night

some more LION DANCE

LION DANCE at the Vietnamese Lunar Festival - quite a disappointment!


In Brisbane - again

In Brisbane again with only snatched moments on the blog - guys with questions I'll get back to you when I have more access.

and I have to tell you about the scary relevation of Sunday night...


Look Mum I can pee standing up!

Since I will be at the Melbourne BDO a report will be filed on this. Pictures too of course, all in the name of research

  • Female only urinals to be trialled at Melbourne Big Day Out

  • A HAVE


    The Haves and The Havenots

    Right as part of my journey into the cultural wasteland that is adulthood I have decided that some things are haves and some things are havenots. Haves are good Havenots are bad Simple eh? These are current fascinations and abhorrances (that's a real word right?)

    Rufus Wainwright "Want"
    Joses Gonzalez "Veneer"
    Donna Tartt " The Little Friend"
    Alex Gross (still)
    The songs of Kurt Weill (obsessive love I'm afraid)
    I Heart Huckabees

    Have nots
    Stewart Home "69 Things to do with Dead Princess" boring post modern shite of the worst kind
    Napolean Dynamite
    Channel Ten - no Footballer's Wives goddamn


    My Grandmother

    My Grandmother passed away last night Tuesday Jan 18th 2005 at 10.30pm.

    I will miss her very much.


    yay! my memory stick reader arrived today so no more blurry camera phone pics hooray!

    Martin Scorsese's Wife - Anyone?

    Yes yes, the awards junkie inside me had to have a bit of a look at the Golden Globes last night and nothing of note reallly happened. Geoffrey Rush looked like he was not blind drunk(pity) and no one cried except Jamie Foxx almost did and boy didn't the cameras go in for an extreme closeup on that, vultures.

    But... Martin Scorsese's wife looked off her guts on SOMETHING. Don't you think? I could be wrong perhaps she has MS or similar and if that is true then my comments will be duly retracted.

    I don't know though, he would be tough customer to live with...


    alas the weekend is over

    yep it is back at work for another week

    So the weekend was good ... what did I do?

    Well let's see.... Movie on Friday night by myself which is my favourite way to go to movies. Saw I Heart Huckabees.
    Funny and well shot as you would expect a David O movie to be, Jason Schwartzmann is great eyecandy - when are the women of the world going to get over this Jude Law thing? The rest so the cast were all great as well especially Mark Whalberg he plays dofus guys so well.

    Normal Saturday moring rubbish and then a couple of games of scrabble and out for the night to eat Vietnamese and have a few drinks at the Vic.

    Things started to get really messy inside me at the moment because I am only just starting to reintroduce myself to socialising with some on the mutual friends/casualties of my relationship with Ben. And since he has gone and hooked up with Nellie it makes me very uncomfortable to be around some people. Plus T, T and I had been discussing post breakup stuff that afternoon so it was all a bit fresh in my head. I mean were only apart for three weeks before he already had another girl, my sister, pregnant so they are a lot of emotions that swell and fade and I never really know when it is going to hit anymore.

    Anyway get very drunk and a bit mouthy and eventually had to take myself home.

    Went to Camberwell markets yesterday and bought these great hand puppets of two old ladies. One for me and one for T. Also got a Rich Pig, a vietnamese good luck piggy bank and have placed it in my career corner - here's hoping!

    Went to the Nash yesterday afternoon and saw a band and then to the GB for some pool and pizza.

    Full and apart from the glitch that was Saturday night - pain free!

    Look at this crazy bus It was at the markets as a playground for children. It disturbed me on sight but almost sent me sideways when I heard Phil Collins blaring out of the stereo. Somebody arrest that woman for cruelty to children.

    The puppets I bought from Camberwell Markets on the weekend - two old ducks on the booze and fags!

    See! Even pensive arty chicks smile when they have a Coopers Green ready to go!

    TC - open!



    Too busy today to even think about this.
    Work work work grumble grumble

    Did here from L she sounds like she is having a ball

    Also saw this on a pole outside my house last night

    Have you seen This Man?

    (picture of man, VB stubbie etc etc)
    Answers to the name of Ken. Last seen before he got a girlfriend. His room is now occupied by someone else.
    If you have information please call yadayada

    I laughed so hard and got the number - it will come in handy from drunken prank calling with T.


    When will the Nurofen kick in?

    At a bit of a loss for words at the moment. My back is really hurting again and I feel like having a lie down.
    One quick item of mention
    Last night TC and I got on the Scrabble again like the pair of addicts that we are.

    I truly do have life but Wednesday is Wednesday and I like to chill ok?

    Anyhoo the sexiest newsreader in the world Anton from SBS Wold News at 9.30pm was putting us through the paces of the day's disasters - bushfires in South Australia killing 9, Tsunami ultimatums regarding troops in the region, landslides in So Cal, Mark Latham and the poor excuse for an organised party that we call Labor.

    (I'm frightened about this).

    So I'm watching all this, playing Scrabble with my best mate, in a nice home, with anything I really want at my fingertips PLUS SCORING 226 in game one and I thought to myself " Shut your complaining you painful existentialist crisis loving whinger, get a grip, your life is pretty damn good".

    I'm sure this sense of peace will at least last til the weekend.
    also see

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    weekend photos

    arrgh! found some photos that I had forgotten about - not a good sign!
    dinner - fancy! Posted by Hello
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    Went to CM and BE's wedding yesterday and have no photos as my camera stuffed up.

    Wedding as good but I'm so tired today I don't feel like writing.

    A weekend of ups and downs - more tomorrow.

    BTW - the Game below is now closed - the picture is of a piece of paper that had been burned - it turned up mysteriously at my friends house, sitting on his kitchen bench with no clue to who had burnt it under what circumstances.

    I guess you had to be there.



    Hi use you 30 seconds.

    See the picture below?

    I took it yesterday - what is it?
    All entrants get a vote, a link on this blog for a month and a visit daily for a month.

    A little game for you all Posted by Hello

    Moonlight Cinema

    Went and saw Deep Blue at Moonlight last night with Barclay - freezing cold!

    The movie was pretty good but I was disappointed that they didn't spend more time right at the bottom of the oceans among the ridges and freaky fish.We shot the shit with his housemate Rachel in the backyard. She is a painter working on project 100 Blue Men - a series of small canvas with the same image repeated with alteration. I've already put myself down for a set - so excited about that!
    Speaking of art..

    I have a question - Who owns the original painting of the dogs playing pool? (comments please people)

    I summise that it is owned by Hugh Hefner, it hangs in the master bedroom at the Playboy Mansion and your intiation into Bunny world depends on your reaction to seeing this painting while Hugh gives you one.

  • 1.06.2005


    Went bowling last night(c.m.h.n) highest score out of 16 people! - 126! mightily chuffed with myself.

    What is happening to our bowling alleys? - we went to Strike in the city and it was all flashing lights with a DJ and a bloody blackjack table, karaoke room etc.

    How I long for the simple bowling alleys of my youth or perhaps The Big Lebowski.
    Is it a crime to just do one thing at a time, do we have to multitask our leisure as well?

    And no I'm not a luddite, antimodernism type as a rule and for the most part I enjoy the modern world but BOWLING HAS BEEN TAKEN TOO FAR!

  • how I love this random crap

    In the year 2005 I resolve to:

    Take over the world.

    Get your resolution here

    little Morris Fox Whelan - just the best kid I have ever seen. Posted by Hello


    top ten items of artistic merit

    A bit late in the piece to be doing this since most top ten lists are out there.
    However in 2005 the top ten artistic events awards go to..

    Best Album - Abbatoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus - Nick Cave
    Best Single - The Sweat Descends - Les Savy Fav
    Best Film - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Best DVD - Black Books Collectors Edition/Scarface SE
    Best Book - Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
    Best Spoken Word Event - Team Slam at Melbourne Writers Festival
    Best Exhibition - Anything at the Outre Gallery, the Internet
    Best Nightclub event - Camille O'Sullivan and her band at The Speigeltent
    Best Dance Floor Action - Tim Janes at Control
    Best Opening Night Party - Melbourne Queer Film Festival

    Comment with you top ten in the same categories if you please.


    IT"S A BOY!

    My friend's Malice and Barney ushered a beautiful baby boy today at 12.55pm.
    I'm so ecstatic! It is the first Cracker child!
    Will post photos as they arrive

    New Year and all that Guff

    Well the New year is upon us and I celebrated by camping in the Big River State Forest beside a clear stone river. Very nice!

    They guys that I went with had everything you could possibly need when camping which is perfect for someone like me who doesn't have anything that you need when camping.

    So activities included rafting, bonfire, playing music (full mike and amp set up!!) Scrabble, sitting around,drinking. Just fab.

    And I drove out there by myself which was a little daunting as I haven't been driving very long. Lots of dirt and narrow hillside roads and the pdog doesn't like that!

    Collins and I = camping! Posted by Hello