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May the Psychological Advantage Be Mine

Tracy has moved out. I have my own office. Donald Trump had better watch his back


A new discovery! thanks to the good folk at the Outre Gallery in Swanston St I am now "turned" on to Jim Flora, album cover designer from the 40's and 50's  Posted by Hello

portuguese flicks

Scored a ticket to a great portuguese doco at last night Filmoteca though Senses of Cinema website.

I think it was called "restless" I'm not sure I walked as it was starting. It was three stories intertwined around moving house but enveloping so many themes about place, home, life, love, memories.

The two characters that stood out in my mind most was a young girl who moved into a new flat with her son. The flotsam of moving was really defined with her - carting through stuff, not having enough boxes, packed away memories returning to her. she was also quite impetuous and selfish and very very beautiful.
The other character was Senor Pinto a delivery driver who shared the most wonderful humour with his wife - an unfailing optimist he made me feel like a human.

Just a great cinema experience and so unexpected as I would not have gone if not for the ticket.


Catch up

Been very slack lately and haven't been updating so..

Firstly since I have a few people email me wanting to know the goss the reunion was hilarious!

Very scary walking in to a room full of people that you recognise except they are fatter or have less hair and more wrinkles. Concerns regarding decay of own self freaked me out so I went to the toilet for about half an hour and tried to breathe. A few people got really drunk really quickly and Jordan and I had to make up a game so that if we got stuck with anyone we didn't like we could be rescued.

The girls were good and it was fab to see them all. Saw the one guy that I did want to catch up with but he was a serious disappointment.

My job was considered pretty glam which goes to show.

Funny observations - everyone was a bit rabbit in the headlights, some idiot saying "Oh My God, it is just like being back at school!" ( tell me how is it being the president of Mensa?) no one had outed themselves yet except one girl and not many of the mega dweebs made an appearance. A shame because I was most interested in how that group was going.

So to recap
Anticipation level - 7
Initial panic level - 9 - 10
Crack ons - 4 (strange)
Amount of people I will still speak to - 6
Chances of going to another reunion - nil


Me, Jordan and Pete at the 10 year high school reunion - Modern History back again! Posted by Hello


more rubbish

Can't forget this

When the Metal is your lucky element
Money and Chicken are your lucky animals.
Years of Money and Chicken are your lucky years.
Months of Money and Chicken are your lucky Months.
Fall is your lucky season.
15:00 - 19:00 (3 P.M. to 7 P.M.) are your lucky hours.
Western direction is your lucky place.
It will bring you luck to live in a house that faces west.
You should choose a bedroom on the west side of the house.
It's good for you to keep the west side window(s) open.
When arranging the office desk, you should sit facing the west.
A metal bed is good for you.
Your lucky color is white.
You should wear white often.
Driving a white car brings your luck.
Wearing jewelry will bring you luck.
It's a good idea to wear golden rings.
Take care of your respiratory system - Lungs, Nose and Skin.

lease is signed

signed the lease today and had a look at the floors of the house - they are beautiful dark brown polished floorboards so gorgeous and will match the new furniture. Bloody hell I never thought I would get so excited about this sort of this but I'm dreaming of a house that makes me feel like I'm living out my secret dreams.


I'm moving out

Just spoke to the real estate agent and we have the house - yay!
Will be moving this week woo hoo! Here I come Ikea.
The best thing is that the property manager is a girl that I used to work with at Sexi Mexi so if something goes wrong I have an ally! Hooray!


Apology to 242

Dear 242

I'm sorry that I am a blog and that we can't get along. I didn't intend to steal that girl you like away from you with my wonderful blank screens and easy editing options

Can we be friends? I would love it if you visited me everyday.

a representative of all blogs worldwide.


Girls are Pretty

I really suggest that everyone reads the girls are pretty link that is on my side bar.
Some fab writing updated daily with a real sense of the macabre.


I know I know but a little bit of feline does you good right? Posted by Hello

First Day back - ughh!

Back at work and had lots of comments on the tan

Pretty busy since I have hundreds of emails etc but would like to write about the school reunion at some stage perhaps tommorrow..

Going to look at some houses tonight so hopefully stage two of my changing life will be on the way soon.

Highlights of the holiday include

1. Getting a tan - what a vain creature I have become!
2. Only having to decide what time I will go to the beach and what I will have for lunch
3. The musicians at Khatoush restaurant - magic
4. The reunion ;)
5. Jordan, Tenille and Finn


last day in Byron

Felling very relaxed and ready to deal with the onslaught that is the Luhrmann/Howick Family

so what have I done..?
Lots of swimming and reading I only brought four books with me and I have finished them all only a week in - I will have to get a crossword book to keep me amused.
Went to the Kiva Day Spa yesterday - so lush! a beautiful balinese garden with outdoor spa, plunge pool and sauna and then off to have the most delicious facial of my life and a deep tissue massage - feel marvellous today and really recommend the Kiva Day Spa in Mullumbimby.

Have also been to see a tarot reader who told me that my true calling was with children and that I was a powerful person who required a time to withdraw and contemplate life before moving on to a very bright future - sounds great!

It has been bit strange being away from home and work for so long - especially since I know I won't be back there for awhile. I am having trouble connecting with the people in the hostel and I get the distinct feeling that some of the guest don't like me much - probably because I have kept to myself a bit.

Not too worry - off to do my laps and laze on the beach