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more about the holiday

Could barely sleep last night thinking about my holiday.

Will promise myself to do the following things
1. Swim every day
2. Drink dandelion tea - not vodka
3. Have a facial
4. Take some sort of watersport lesson thingie
5. get a lttle bit brown and not worry about cancer

Off to the bank to discuss using equity and getting really on top of everything
even booking a holiday has cahnged my attitude positively!

Ona more negative note though, watched a film last night called My Life With Morrisey

utter crap! don't do it - doesn't feature one Smiths song and it is insulting to Smith's fans everywhere.

Since I am a member of the queer film selection committee for the Queer film Festival down here, I'm not adverse low budget films. I'm adverse to people making low budget films that are not original.

On Monday I saw one that was a direct homage to the Graduate and another that was a complete ripoff of every John Waters film.

It is so disappointing - no matter how many good things have come from Post modernism - it still has a lot to answer for!



Yes holidays have been granted very happy!

Here I come surf!

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I'm goin to ask my boss if I can take holidays today - I hope he says yes as I would really like to get away for awhile and clear my head.

I'm thinking about talking to my friend Barclay about going to the meditation retreat that he went to - ten days of no talking or going to Byron Bay and just swimming everyday until I feel better.

The drowsiness and lack on inspiration must be a weird side effect of the the brand of hayfever I suffer from.

It has only happened in the last year and the first two, three weeks of spring aren't too pleasant.

any way here's hoping I'm off for some fun in the sun!


a painting from one of my favourite artists Camille Rose Garcia - this is from her series "who's Afraid of the Peppermint Man?" If you would like to check out more of her work go to www.camillerosegarcia.com Posted by Hello


Ken Park

I saw Ken Park last night, being a bit of a film buff I was excited to see it because of last years hoo ha.

I really liked Clark's use of light- the hazy orange tones did make you think of a small town in the middle of summer. What I didn't like was the way that the four teens were supposed to great friends and yet we only see one interaction between them - which happens to be a sex scene. Also the storyline with Peaches and her father was lacking, as was Tate's with his grandparents.

I like the current wave of film's that show more realism within the sexual relationships, it is important job of cinema to reflect our hopes and fears - the less vaseline on that lens the better - in this film though Clark's constant lingering on the sexual organs poses a question - is this film about the sexual life between children and adults or is it an excuse for the audience and Larry Clark to get there rocks off on young skin?


Dave McCormack and the Polaroids?

Just heard the new Dave McCormack song , my workmate Maryanne loves it and I was really suprised when the announcer said who it was as it sounds nothing like Custard.

The view from my new office window is not very nice - an abandoned factory but the fresh air is great and the quiet is very helpful distractins come thick and fast around here. - Working on the release of a film at the moment.

It is my first one and I think it is going along pretty well.

Had some great emails back from friends about this page - thanks guys.

Check out this great link for a stress release.


My old workmate Penny sent it to me as I used to hoard the bubble wrap in order to make a dress - her idea not mine. So there you go.

Another list for you

Ultimate foods
Blue Cheese, Avocado and Plum Sauce Toasties
Ben's Tuna Pasta
Dave's Roast Chicken
Nellie's Lamb
Diet Coke in a can
Ultra Soy and Linseed Bran with Organic Soy Milk

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If you can't beat them join them


I'm not one to be left out so I'm going to join StormWeaver and Cracker in there online world.

The reason I'm doing this is at 5.00pm everyday my mind wanders dreadfully and I spend about half hour doing stupid tests on the net like" What sort of small dog would you be?"

I think that this might be little more constructive don't you?

Some of my favourite things at the moment are
Pixies - surfer rosa
sopranos season four dvd
my new office!
our cat Wallace
air guitar
laughing loudly and a lot
my new supergrass tshirt
My brand new just arrived in Melbourne sister Nellie!
My boyfriend Ben

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