I've done the research and have decided to take part in the following actitvities

1. Day Spa at Mullumbimby
2. Kayaking with dolphins
3. Local Radio Beltane pagan festival !!!!!!
4. Tarot Life Reading
5. Centreing Yoga
6. Movies in the Garden
7. Explore top of Bay
8. Make Beads at Bead shop
9. Hari Feast
10. Bands at the pub.
Won't I be a happy, if slightly derenged little vegemite when I get back?


1st Day in Byron

Well the first day has been great so far just went for a dip in the ocean and it was great - also went for a big long walk along the beach. About to have lunch and think about what activities I will indulge in while am here tossing up between a tandem kayak with the dolphins or going on a tandem hang glide????

Feel very relaxed and love the place I'm staying -At night, the whole street smells like coriander.


"The Flushing"

Had my very first colonic last night - all part of my "don't knock it til you try it" initiative.

Very strange experience but one that I would repeat - a bit like lying down to go the toilet.

I feel quite rejuvenated today, my skin is clearer and my tummy is flatter

Only two days of work left before I go on holidays - woohoo!

I may be able to flush my excrement in a bizarre health ritual but please don't flush your country - !vote sensibly America! - we rely on it (picture courtesy of Village Voice) Posted by Hello


me and the mexicali crew Posted by Hello

funny quote from Tracy

Tracy said this too bloody funny

"oh those bloody indie shoegazing cardigan hippies"


See the very great Justin Heazlewood in his show this weekend - dose radiohead better then themselves Posted by Hello

I'm Awake

I feel so much better today than I have in awhile. My holiday is less than a week away and every day life is getting better.
I vow to keep this postive mind frame as balanced as possible.
I put down my turnaround to zinc - keeper away of blues.
What Exploding Dog picture are you? Posted by Hello


a week of firsts : AKA don't knock it til you have tried it

In an effort to improve myself - I have decided not to knock it until I try it.
So number one was having a solarium.
Now I know what it would be like to buried alive.

I have never had to concentrate on breathing so much in my life

I have tried it and I will knock it

Malice had her baby shower - I think she enjoyed it as did everyone else?


hey I'm out here

If you are too let me know I have had a quite few people look at my profile so if you want to chat...


VOTE 1 SHITSTICKS GALORE! free boob jobs for all! Posted by Hello

Wednesday is the new Friday

Have another wee hangover today
I think this hump day thing needs to change!
Football Factory openeined today and got some bad reviews oh well not much I can do about it now here's hoping that people go and see it anyway.

VOte 1 - Shitsticks Galore! Free Boob Jobs for All!


A beautiful work from Alex Gross "The Origin of the Green Latern" Posted by Hello


LTD! hooray it has only taken me 6 months!


The Election

Oh how sad
Another three years with the caterpillared eyed midget we call a leader

Have to try and not get too worried it could be worse
Where I live is Labor so at least I live among the sane even if they do drink Chardonnay.

Does this mean that I am a minority now?


Good and Bad

Djing tonight, maze on Saturday, sunday relaxing
Some high points of this week

Can fit back into my black pants
Feel like smiling sometimes
Only another 3 years and 4 months until saturn will get out of my sign
Heard some great new tunes
Red Roses

Sme Low points
Everything hurts and I can't breathe





Really the only way put this is that I have a terrible hangover today and an appetite that was only sated by a sausage roll with mustard and tomato sauce from the lunch van that comes at 10.30am. Couldn't face the soy and linseed today.

So how's everything with you?

Went to Babble saw my friends in a show - very funny 80's themed poetry night.
Cracker looked hilarious in his get up and seemed to really enjoy it!
I wish I had brought a camera with me.

Countdown to holiday - 18 days
I think the crackers might be glad to see the back of me for awhile. I haven't exactly been very generous with my soul lately and generally been very sorry for myself. The holiday will do me the world of good and hopefully I will come back a happier person and stop having tearies every ten minutes.


OH DITA! Posted by Hello




Some music that I have been listening to lately that makes me feel good

New Nick Cave ! - brilliant! double album full on songs about flowers and funerals
Blue States - The Soundings
Pixies - Surfer Rosa
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Self Titled
Art Of Fighting - Second Storey
Marianne Faithful - Before the Poison - written by PJ and Nick


Theory no 1.

It's time to roll out the theories

Theory 1

On Catalyst last night a programme about the hormones involved in lust, falling in love and attachment got me thinking.

The programme stated that a woman who is on the pill will choose a man whose immune system smells closest to her own. If she is not on the pill she will choose a man who has an immune system less like hers to widen the genetic pool. This is because of the pill's job to create a false pregnanacy in women.

So I was thinking.. Does this work with all things do with the nose? For instance would smokers choose the wrong person or could you make a life mistake if you fall in love when you have a cold? And all that perfume and deoderant must make it all out of wack anyway.

I take comfort in this.
It is not my fault - blame the nose.