I want it to rain.
I want it to get wet and cold and dreary.
Curse this infernal sunshine!


hospitals and setbacks

Errgh, smoked a cigarette last night. Disappointing, but the patches are back on today.

Toured Mercy hospital with T to look at the birthing options. Felt a strange painful feeling in my uterus. We are close so no doubt it is some sort of sympathy pain.

Lately I have been fantasising about old age. MLI will be the world's grumpiest old man and I will probably be the old lady down the road who either scares the little children or can't leave the house without matching my ensemble within three shades of pink.

I think I'm enjoying this hermitage. I feel less inclined to seek the company of others. My inner life is becoming increasingly desirable. I feel a positive change is under way.


Day two

50 minute swim last night - felt good
So far I have saved 30 dollars and not smoked 60 cigarettes.
I think I'm going to get sick of this vege soup pretty quickly. Will have to find some more recipes.
My beautiful grey and sliver metallic scarf is almost complete. This weekend I plan to vist my aunty, hem my hot pink dress, finish my scarf, dry brush myself into a distracted state, deep cleanse like a mother fucker, start the liver tonic course and run 7 ks.

Once I have coerced my body into accepting all of these changes I'll start on trying to improve my mind. Can't do it all at once and the sugary sweet confection of undemanding reading material is too hard to resist.


A change

This blog is about to become nothing more than a notepad for my latest birth.

So far:
3 days without cigarettes,
5 days without drinking,
1 day of gym membership
3 months til I turn 30,
3 months out from a lifetime of fun can't be that bad can it?