Not something I'll let their mother know.

Firstly, I have a fancy new scanner and printer and this is my first attempt at trying to "make the art" with it.


5 and 7 join me in a regular Saturday ritual. I meet one of my old friends at Booktalk on Bridge Rd Richmond, dump our respective brood by the second hand book section, order milkshakes and shoot the breeze uninterrupted for all of 2 hours. It is pleasure and I look forward to the next one.

The last part of the ritual includes a treat for 5 and 7. Each gets to choose a book under $5.00 to take home. 7 will scan the shelves with great seriousness until she finds the perfect book. This book will then by read anywhere and everywhere at least three times over before the end of the weekend, which is lovely for 7's intellect but appallingly bad for 7's table manners.

5 on the other hand will grab any old thing that catches her eye and run with it. Hence I inadvertently bought her a MOST inappropriate book.

"Poison Beware: Be an ace poison spotter" starts off simply enough with bright cartoons of kitchen, bathroom and garages filled with all sorts of nasties then quickly moves on to snakes and spiders. When I was first reading the book to 5 in bed one night I was congratualting her privately on her eccentric and inquisitive nature. That was unitl I got to this page...

The answer to this most shocking of questions...

THAT's RIGHT! - the person throwing up out of the window!
Praise be! Finally the stepkids are getting the education they so richly deserve.

It only gets worse though when we turn the page to...

and the answer this probing question is two fold.



In short - you can spot a drug taker because they all believe that they can fly and steal money from little old ladies on the streets. If only I had been provided this information years ago.

I'm glad that I have a copy of "Poison Beware: be an ace posion spotter" in the house because I do find spotting the difference between an alky and a druggie so very, very difficult. It might be a little early to send the girls out on a game of spotlight using this book but no doubt they'll find it more fun than a game of "count-the-white-cars" on our campervan trip in September. til then this book will be safely hidden away next to the toilet cleaner.

And I'll probably take a closer look at the books 5 chooses next time.