Occasionally I will fantasise that I am the world's best saw player and that I have 6 children and we all play in a gypsy band and live in a bus.


Fetish #1

Indulge in some frothy confections here
Hear that? It is the sound of my bathroom scale breaking.


My workplace

Thursday afternoon brought to light that each member of the staff of S - - - - R - - - - - - seems to have a stubby cooler stashed at their desk.

How very interesting.




The family has gone away for a few days leaving me chained to the desk until I can get away next week. I'm missing them all terribly. The little girls, 4 and 7, rang me to let me know that they missed me. Lovely little people they are.

I think they must be reaching an age where compassion rears its head. I came home last week and MLI grabbed me and took me around to the side garden where he said he had something really sweet to show me.

On arrival I found a mound of dirt covered with white paper and held down with rocks.

Here is the close up, which reads; "Here lies a dead bird we found in the garden. R. I. P Bird".

I think that is just the most adorable thing ever. Don't you?



For those of you who are still waiting on your samples from my new enterprise, never fear, they are in the post!