The Zen of Kato

Seeing bands that were last popular in the 90's: a pros and cons analysis by Ladycracker.


1. Nash stills rocks the long hair with a certain amount of pizazz. He also looks rather good in a purple two piece velvet suit.

2. When I was chatting to the band later, the bassist mentioned that I was the only girl in the middle of a "sausage factory" which amused me. You take that as you will but remember - I am a married woman and happily so.

3. Mr Nash Kato very graciously offered to sing "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" at a future wedding redux.

4. Nash Kato is good for the economy. The babysitters of Melbourne were well employed last night with just about everyone heading into the two kids and a mortgage territory and as a result rocking out in a BIG way.

5. To this end, I WAS THE YOUNGEST PERSON IN THE ROOM. I feel practically emo about that one.


1. The fact that I was the youngest person in the room is testament to what can be kindly referred to as a misspent youth and I really should be ashamed of myself.

2. They did not play Dropout. Gutted.

3. Tour tshirts people. Fucking work it out. Girl have breasts, bellies and backs. Design your shirts to fit them. We are not one size fits all.

4. Nash didn't wear the glasses. Another dream has ended.

5. Did I mention that they didn't play Dropout?

Have a good weekend all. Stay away from them sausage factories.

xx LC


a little look...


Here is look at my shoes and dress from September 16th. I have to protect the identity of others hence the lack of photos posted. I think I look quite nice don't you? My husband looked incredibly handsome and the girls look adorable.
xx LC


The Tea Party


Go See this Show

I love the man who is one of the creative souls behind this show. In fact he created a work of art to read at my wedding and I was more than mightily chuffed with the result.

I suggest that if you can, perhaps you should go and check it out this Sunday night.


Time Away

Yes, I'm back hardly refreshed it seems, but ready for the next adventures. More details about my month of love, sun and sex with follow. Briefly, a note about my heavenly reading list, please forgive the formatting

  • Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim: David Sedaris

  • Cloud Atlas: David Mitchell

  • Running With Scissors: Augusten Burroughs

  • Canterbury Tales: Geoffrey Chaucer

  • A Suitable Boy:Vikram Seth(started, not finished yet)

  • Exquisite Corpse; Poppy z Brite

  • Nothing to Wear and Nowhere to Hide: Fay Weldon

  • Landscape With Animals:Cameron S Redfern

  • Book are listed in order of preference - the joy of it!